Thursday, June 29, 2023

Jean pants turned into jean shorts


Jeans have too many holes? Make them into shorts! 

I know this is something that our moms did that we'd swear we'd never do; well at least I did.  But, really truly it's awesome! Can I just say how much I love not having to try on shorts! I already know my jeans fit me; but they have too many holes in the knees, so what better idea than to make them into shorts. 

Plus, I can send the scraps to For Days  and they can recycle them for me into something new.  Since I'm not the best at making something new out of the scraps this is a win win for me! 

But, cutting jeans into shorts seems complicated you say....really it's not the hard! It took me 30 min tops to do from beginning to end! 

First lay our you jeans length wise with one leg on the other.  

Second, cut just above the hole. Later, after you've cut other side and rolled them up, you can see if you want to cut them shorter. 

Third, cut the second leg to match.  The best part is you can roll them up so the cuts don't have to be even!  

That's it! You don't even have to stitch them!! 

You can stitch the sides, if you'd like, but its not necessary.  Also, if you are better at hem/sewing, you can cut them shorter and leave them not rolled up.  I would suggest at least making a slight hem so they don't unravel though.  This also would work better with tight fitting jeans, because when you roll the tight fitting jeans they are even snugger as shorts.  

I hope this helps you make your wardrobe go farther. The nice thing about this, is if they don't work they were jeans you were already going to get rid of anyways. 


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