Sunday, May 7, 2023

Graduation Gift Ideas on a budget

    May is here, and with that means Graduation is just around the corner.  Some years you may just get invited to 1 or 2 parties.  Other years, you may get invited to a dozen.  Over the years, I've accumulated a few ideas for gifts that don't have you spending a bunch.  

1. Supplies for college:

This was something I gave to students when I was teaching.  When I first showed up for college, I felt so prepared; we had my room ready, my clothes ready, I was mentally ready, but then I showed up to class....without any school supplies.  I felt so dumb, how did I forget the basics? With that I gave school supplies as a gift.  Nothing major just a notebook, some pencils, sticky notes & pens.  Items that if they weren't going to school after all they could still use around the house. 

A second type of supplies for college.  When I was graduating, one of the gifts I was given was a set of beach towels.  They were prefect for using in the dorm.  There are so many things you need for college, towels for the bathroom may go unnoticed.  A simple gift! 

2. Fun activities 

Sometimes after graduating it's fun to just have something fun! Here are a list of some fun items I've given to students and don't cost a lot.  

  1. coloring book with coloring pencils/crayons
  2. jump rope & chalk 
  3. ground coffee with a mug 
  4. box of tea with a mug 
  5. giftcard to a local coffeeshop 
  6. plant 

These are just a few simple ideas for graduating seniors.  Really, your presence is what they appreciate the most, but hopefully you can find something on this list or be inspired by it.  

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