Thursday, March 23, 2023

Easter Gift Ideas

Easter is almost here!! With that comes another holiday to get gifts for.  I love Easter, I love Easter because without Easter there would be no way for me to be redeemed.  However, Easter just like other holidays has become a time for lots of gifts, treats and spending money.  Why? Why do we let these special holidays get so wrapped up in the gifts and the spending? Well, I'm here to help you out with minimizing that spending this year.   Plus give you a way to bridge the gap between what Easter is about and gift giving, if you are looking for that. 

Think of the number 3. Yes 3.  3 simple gifts = the 3 days Jesus was in the tomb.  I love to tie my kiddos' gifts to the real meaning of Easter as well.  Any chance to talk and discuss about why we are celebrating Easter. Plus, three is a simple number. 

We have changed over the years what we give our girls, but one thing always stays the same, 3 items. Here are some of the items we've gotten over the years: 

1. Book (this one stays pretty consistent). As the girls get older this has turned into a devotional one year, or a special Bible another year. But, we always get them a book of some sort. has great sales right before Easter, or is another great one to go through as well.  

2. Treats: We always do treats.  We don't go over board with them, they are generally small. Some of our favorites include: 

Fruit snacks, a few pieces of candy in a egg or two, puff corn in a small bag or any other small snack. 

3. Small, simple gift: my husband and I are very into gifts that get used up, rather than another toy to take up space. Some ideas we've done: 

jump ropes, bubbles, gift card to a favorite store or for a coffee date with mom or dad, bath bombs, & coloring books.  These are just a few of what we've done in the past. 

One more thing we do that helps save money, we reuse our Easter decor each year.  From the girls Easter baskets, the plastic eggs, all the way to the green grass.  I save everything and re-use it for the next year.  I've only bought plastic eggs two times in the last eight years.  My girls also love being able to know who's basket is whose because we've been using the same baskets for the last few years. These are just small things that add up over time.  

I pray that these tips help you to stress less and enjoy this season, but also be able to share in the joy of giving as well. 

Blessings ~ 


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