Friday, March 10, 2023

Easter dress = Spring/Summer church dress

Easter is not that far away.  And so along with it comes the buying of Easter dresses.   While Easter dresses are fun to buy they can add up.  But, if you can make that Easter dress get a little more use, then the cost doesn't seem so much.  

Easter is the time in our house to get a new spring/summer dress that will work for church.  About the time Easter hits we are getting a little warmer and can start to wear more Spring/Summer clothes.  Plus, the previous Summer dresses are being passed down.  So it's the perfect time for a fresh new dress! 

So as you are out getting those Easter dresses in the next couple of weeks, think about them as more than an Easter dress.  Think about them as being your kiddos church dress for the Spring and Summer, or one of their church dresses.  We usually have 2 each to switch off with, but really that's plenty when you figure they are wearing them once a week.  Or, as my oldest is getting older sometimes they are just nice clothes instead of dresses. But, either way, go ahead get that Easter dress or new outfit, but plan on them wearing it throughout the season instead of just for one Holiday. 

We do this at Christmas too.  Around Thanksgiving, we get new Christmas dresses that can be used through out the winter as church dresses as well. PLUS, in a recent post I shared about using that Christmas dress for Valentine's about getting your use out of a dress!  If you missed it you can check that post out here. 


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