Thursday, March 30, 2023

Spring/Summer Clothes

    It's almost April 1st, and in our household that is about the time we start looking at our Spring and Summer clothes.  In the last couple of years I started having a note in my phone on April 1st as a reminder to start taking inventory of what we have for the Spring and Summer as well as make a list of the items we will need.  It's so easy to go and shop for a bunch of new items that we might only need a handful of.  On the flip side, it's also easy to assume I have what we need in our totes from previous years; that's what I kept doing and unfortunately it didn't end well.  At the time, my 2nd grader was starting to care more about what she was wearing; and not having what was needed or have items to match her sisters if she wanted to, caused some problems.  With that, I made sure to have time to go through our clothes before it got too warm.  For our area that's about April.  We always have one or two shorts on hand from the previous year that still fit just enough for if we need them in a crunch in March, but by April we'd need more.

With that, here's my tips for switching over the next season.  

First: Go through those storage totes 

Like I said, it's easy to just run out to a local store and buy what you'd want for the next season, but going through what you have is so helpful.  Don't have storage from the year before, make sure you check out my post on how I save from kid to kid so that you can start doing so after the Summer. You can check that out here: Clothing Switch

Second: Make a list 

So back to going through what you have.  After my girls have sorted through what we have and what fits I make a list. I list how many shorts, shirts, jackets, shoes; anything else my girls would need that still fit.  I like to use my phone notes for that, I just make a list for each kiddo.  

Third: What will we need 

This can change each year.  For example, one of my girls is just starting to like wearing jean shorts.  So we may talk about how many jean shorts she'd like vs. athletic shorts.  This also will depend on what she's active in for the summer.  Another one of my girls prefers capris, while my 3rd prefers dresses. So what they need may vary.  But, I like to make a estimated list of what we need so I know when we go shopping.  

And that's it!  It really does help to know what you already have and what you'd like to get, before you enter the store.  There are so many times before that I would blank on what they had, or get items I thought we needed and really we didn't. I hope this helps you as you might be transitioning to warmer weather in your area as well. 



Thursday, March 23, 2023

Easter Gift Ideas

Easter is almost here!! With that comes another holiday to get gifts for.  I love Easter, I love Easter because without Easter there would be no way for me to be redeemed.  However, Easter just like other holidays has become a time for lots of gifts, treats and spending money.  Why? Why do we let these special holidays get so wrapped up in the gifts and the spending? Well, I'm here to help you out with minimizing that spending this year.   Plus give you a way to bridge the gap between what Easter is about and gift giving, if you are looking for that. 

Think of the number 3. Yes 3.  3 simple gifts = the 3 days Jesus was in the tomb.  I love to tie my kiddos' gifts to the real meaning of Easter as well.  Any chance to talk and discuss about why we are celebrating Easter. Plus, three is a simple number. 

We have changed over the years what we give our girls, but one thing always stays the same, 3 items. Here are some of the items we've gotten over the years: 

1. Book (this one stays pretty consistent). As the girls get older this has turned into a devotional one year, or a special Bible another year. But, we always get them a book of some sort. has great sales right before Easter, or is another great one to go through as well.  

2. Treats: We always do treats.  We don't go over board with them, they are generally small. Some of our favorites include: 

Fruit snacks, a few pieces of candy in a egg or two, puff corn in a small bag or any other small snack. 

3. Small, simple gift: my husband and I are very into gifts that get used up, rather than another toy to take up space. Some ideas we've done: 

jump ropes, bubbles, gift card to a favorite store or for a coffee date with mom or dad, bath bombs, & coloring books.  These are just a few of what we've done in the past. 

One more thing we do that helps save money, we reuse our Easter decor each year.  From the girls Easter baskets, the plastic eggs, all the way to the green grass.  I save everything and re-use it for the next year.  I've only bought plastic eggs two times in the last eight years.  My girls also love being able to know who's basket is whose because we've been using the same baskets for the last few years. These are just small things that add up over time.  

I pray that these tips help you to stress less and enjoy this season, but also be able to share in the joy of giving as well. 

Blessings ~ 

Friday, March 10, 2023

Easter dress = Spring/Summer church dress

Easter is not that far away.  And so along with it comes the buying of Easter dresses.   While Easter dresses are fun to buy they can add up.  But, if you can make that Easter dress get a little more use, then the cost doesn't seem so much.  

Easter is the time in our house to get a new spring/summer dress that will work for church.  About the time Easter hits we are getting a little warmer and can start to wear more Spring/Summer clothes.  Plus, the previous Summer dresses are being passed down.  So it's the perfect time for a fresh new dress! 

So as you are out getting those Easter dresses in the next couple of weeks, think about them as more than an Easter dress.  Think about them as being your kiddos church dress for the Spring and Summer, or one of their church dresses.  We usually have 2 each to switch off with, but really that's plenty when you figure they are wearing them once a week.  Or, as my oldest is getting older sometimes they are just nice clothes instead of dresses. But, either way, go ahead get that Easter dress or new outfit, but plan on them wearing it throughout the season instead of just for one Holiday. 

We do this at Christmas too.  Around Thanksgiving, we get new Christmas dresses that can be used through out the winter as church dresses as well. PLUS, in a recent post I shared about using that Christmas dress for Valentine's about getting your use out of a dress!  If you missed it you can check that post out here. 

Thursday, March 2, 2023

Homemade plant pots

It's getting time to start repotting those houseplants! Plant pots can add up and while I enjoy my houseplants, I don't want to spend a ton to have them either. I have two different ways that I save on my plant pots.  

First, did you know you can use almost anything as a planter?  Being a newbie to plants in the last few years, I've started to find some unique ways to save on pots.

Here are my 3 favorite homemade planters: 

1. Tin cans 

What I like about tin cans, is they are pretty stylish already.  Really all you need to do is drill some holes in the bottom for drainage and you're set! And drilling holes is not that hard, all you need is a nail and a hammer, it's pretty simple to do. 

2. Coffee cans 

Whether you buy the tin coffee canisters or the plastic, they both work great to use for planters.  The tin canisters look great on their own, just like the tin cans.  The plastic ones you may choose to paint.  

3. Ice cream buckets 

These work great for those big hanging plants.  One they need more room, two they will drape over the sides and cover the bucket themselves. But, if you still want you can paint the bucket as well. 

Some more options for homemade planters include the following; 

  • tea cups 
  • plastic to go coffee cups ~ these work great for starting plants too! 
Second, reusing the pots you already have for other plants in your house: 

I am always thinking which plant can go to which pot next.  Rotating my plants is a great way to save on buying pots.  This takes a little bit more thought, but it does help to not over buy pots when needed.  

1. I grab all the plants that need repotting. 

2. Then starting with the largest, I repot it into the newest largest pot.  
3. From there, I take the next largest plant to put in the empty pot.  Then I just continue down to the smallest. 

Sometimes it pays to have a few spare pots around the house.  I had a lot this time around that needed split up and so needed extra potters.  Luckily I had a couple in my basement.  Plus, I ended up with a few babies I was able to give away!  

With this system, instead of repotting every time a plant grows, I am able to wait and use the pots that I have.  Unless your plant is really busting through, usually you can have it wait a bit to be repotted.  

I hope this helps!