Thursday, January 26, 2023

Homemade Hot chocolate

Oh my word, can I just start off by saving we have gone through so much hot chocolate this winter! One of the reasons is because we've had a lot of snow. Lots & LOTS of SNOW to be exact!! Seriously, I can't even count how much we've gotten at this point except that we've had 8 snow days due to it!  SO, with that we have drank a lot of hot coco! 

I have referenced making homemade hot chocolate in a couple different blog posts over the years, but I wanted to devote one just to hot chocolate. 

First of all, we've used this recipe from Eating on a Dime for years and we really do like it.  A couple things I've learned with this recipe over the years. 

1. Add the salt: 

    In a previous post I had said we didn't add the salt, but recently I was told how salt is a flavor enhancer so I would say add it for sure!  It will help! 

2. Add a little more sugar:

    Let's be honest, homemade hot chocolate is not healthy, it's hot chocolate.  BUT, it's better than store bought because you know what you are putting in it.  If you are switching from store bought to homemade you are going to notice a difference in the sweetness, especially your kiddos.  So I started by adding a little more sugar to the mixture. Then you can slowly pull back on the sugar as taste buds adjust. 

3. Ease into homemade:  

This is my preference instead of adding sugar, but it just takes longer.  Make your batch of homemade hot coco following Eating on a Dime's recipe. Then, buy the big container of store bought hot chocolate. Taking a new jar, put 1/2 of the store bought into the jar & 1/2 of the homemade into the jar.  Shake well. As you use it continue to add a little of each, but slowly taper off on the store bought and use more of the homemade each time.  Again, eventually your tastebuds will adjust. 

So if you are looking for a way to save this winter, try making homemade hot chocolate; you'll save money and be a little healthier too, (but remember it's hot chocolate)! And if you live where I do just sip and enjoy the snow! 


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