Monday, September 12, 2022

Mudroom Remodel

So, I shared a sneak peak to our mudroom lockers on a previous post. I mentioned that I would share the mudroom locker remodel as well. 

Originally I wanted to wait until it was complete (I still want a rug), but I'm having trouble finding the right sized rug so I will share what I have for now. 

Of course I was so excited to get this project going that I forgot to take a before picture. But, if you can imagine all the stuff below (left photo) squeezed in the skinny mudroom (right photo) I'm sure you can figure out how cramped and un-orderly it was. 


The first thing was to change the color. I like a neutral palette, so I wanted to go with grey.  I knew I wanted the lockers to be white, so a clean grey background it was. 

My husband had the hard work of making the locker cabinets. However, he had a great tutorial.  I did not create these lockers myself, but found them on Pinterest. I was looking for lockers that would fit our mudroom and would be enough for the 5 of us.  One day I found them.  The gal who posted about them gives a great step by step guide.  If you are looking for a great set of mudroom lockers with easy to follow directions check out Jaime Costiglio's  DIY locker post.   Let me just say, both my husband and I are not professional DIYers, but with the help of Jaime's post we have some sweet mudroom lockers that work awesome! 


Matt had to make a couple changes to the original measurements. Our mudroom was just a little skinny to make the bench as wide as what Jaime has.  But, ours is in an actual mudroom so I wasn't worried about our girls needing to sit on the bench. So Matt just made the bench a little shorter.  

After they were in, it was time to paint them.  That was my job. 

Then we added the hardware. 

We even had a little extra space on the side, I have used this to store our umbrellas on the floor and hung some of our extra bags. 

Our girls were pretty excited to have their own space.  My favorite, there's a space for everything! Coats, jackets, backpacks & snow pants are fit in the main part. Below all their shoes fit for all seasons. (We only have a few pairs for each season) 

Up top there are two cubbies, one we use for gloves, hats and other accessories. The other I use for their school supplies, lunch boxes and any school notes. 


The last touch, other than a future rug, was the curtain.  I wanted to hide all the storage in the back, so I put up a basic extension curtain rod.  Then found a cute curtain at Target, as a Christmas present of course. 


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