Friday, September 16, 2022


 AGH! Every time you go to the store, prices are just depressing.  Anyone else feel they are doing well with saving money and then you do your weekly/monthly grocery shopping and you feel deflated? I feel each time I go I need to find another short-cut on how to cut costs.  Prices are just constantly going up.

Well, I thought I'd put together. a list of ways that I have saved at the grocery store.  Things I've been doing for years to things I've recently learned about.  Here is your one stop post to a lot of ways I've saved over the years. 

But, first let's start with a new one.  Recently, I was re-evaluating how our food gets used.  Am I using up our leftovers as well as I can?  Which led me to how can I make sure to not have so many leftovers?  I realized when I first learned to cook, I measured everything! But, now I just wing it, I go by what I think is enough.  Well, I've decided that going back to  measuring some things isn't the worst idea.

Take frozen veggies for instance. I started buying them in the bigger bag because it's cheaper, but we don't eat a whole bag each time.  I've gotten it down to about 1/4 bag per meal; however lately that's been too much for some veggies.  On Saturday's we usually grill out.  My girls and I prefer baked beans, while my husband prefers corn.  Why am I cooking 1/4 of the big bag of corn for just him I ask? Well, before it wasn't a problem, but now even if we end up not eating some of it as leftovers I don't like to waste it.  So yep, I've started measuring it out; 1/2 cup/person eating it approximately, a little more for my husband, but that's about enough for the kiddos.  If I'm making corn just for him, I only measure out 1 cup.  We've had less leftovers and less waste since. 

Click on each type of food you'd like to learn more about how I save on them. You will be directed to another post on my how-to. 

Baby Food

Bread Crumbs

Brown Sugar

Chicken Broth 

Cheese Sticks 

Cotton Swabs


Laundry Detergent

Microwave Popcorn


Muffin tin liners



Spaghetti Sauce 

Shredded Cheese

Snack Mix

Taco Seasoning

Frozen Waffles

Wax Paper

3 General ways to save at the grocery store

Make Monthly list


I hope that you found something to help you save a little at the grocery store this week.  But, remember take it step by step, pick 1 or 2 to try this time around and then 1 or 2 the next time around.  Once you have a way to save down, it's easier to add another and so forth.  


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