Monday, September 5, 2022

Grandparents Day gifts!

Grandparents Day is; September 11th this year.  Do you have ideas planned for those special grandparents in your kiddos lives? We were blessed to have one set of grandparents move close to us just after COVID hit.  It has been such a blessing! It's hard to remember what we did before they moved here.  First of all Sunday dinners have gotten a whole lot better! 

So, I love that there is a day we can show them how much care even more.  The best part about Grandparent gifts, is I don't know a grandparent who doesn't love a homemade gift from their grandchild.  It doesn't need to be perfect, but that it was made just for them. 

Here are some of our favorite grandparent gifts: 

1. Homemade cards: 

My girls enjoy making cards. We do a lot of crafts in our household and making cards is just another craft. These are easy to do and each kiddo can make them to their ability.  

2. Perler bead creations:

Another thing that's easy to make are the perler bead creations.  Pick a form, let your kiddo fill it in however and then add a magnet to the back. Voila! You have a cute refrigerator magnet. Or, thread a string through it to make an ornament. Also, they make great coasters, make a few and tie a ribbon around them for a coaster set! 

3. Flowers in a vase or pot ( could be store bought or wild):

Take a moment go for a walk and collect some wildflowers.  Put them in a vase and there you go a simple, but pretty gift. You can also purchase a bouquet, put them in a mason jar & tie a ribbon around it! 

4. Candy: I mean I don't think I need to explain this one. 

5. Coupons:

We like homemade coupons in this house.  If you saw my Father's Day gift idea post you know we use them a lot.  What we like about them is you can gear them to a particular person. Here are some ideas we like: 

free ice cream 

1-2 hrs date with said person (this would be good for an older kiddo, gift of their time with their grandparent)

golf date 

coffee date 

Well I hope these ideas help you.  Pair any two together and you are all set! Enjoy! 



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