Thursday, August 25, 2022

Fun School Calendar

 I am all about organization and things looking cute. While I wouldn't call myself fashionable by any means, I do like my organization to be cute and somewhat stylish.  

Last fall my husband built me the most amazing mudroom locker system.  Yes, I'm bragging, I was so excited to have it in and am so proud of him for making it. I'll share the process in an upcoming post. But here's a sneak peak at them for now: 

So, since my mudroom is now cute, I wanted to have my girls' school calendars presented in a stylish way as well.  One thing that was nice about this locker system is that they each have a cubby for school items.  With this I didn't need to have all their different schedules posted on the wall.  BUT, last year I realized we needed those important daily items in sight.  Things like Library day, PE day for shoes and now PE clothes. This year I printed out a daily reminder of the week for those important items marked with who they are for and framed the list. That simple! 

Adding a frame to almost anything makes it more stylish and cute in my opinion.  Plus, the frame can be decorated to your style.  You could easily do this for each kiddo's schedule if you wanted to.  What I like about this idea is you can gear it to what works for you.  I prefer to have a quick check list we can look at as we are getting ready to leave.  But, maybe you are one who needs the whole schedule.  You could easily use a frame for each child's schedule!
Some other variations: 
1. Add a dry erase marker and your kiddo could check off what they have ready to go.  It just wipes clean off the glass for each new day. 
2. Use pictures for the younger kiddos who are still learning to read. 

Check out this post by A Beautiful Mess for an easy how-to frame for swapping pictures. That way you could swap schedules or important notes from the school if needed. This is on my list to make one for those important papers. 

Here are some other schedules I have made and framed this week. While I can't say I will be diligently following these schedules, they help give me a baseline for each week/month. 

Laundry Schedule 

Cleaning Schedule 

Are you one to make schedules? What are some things you like to have a schedule for? 



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