Saturday, June 4, 2022

Easy, Affordable Father's Day gift ideas

Father's Day is just around the corner.  In our house we strive for homemade or adorable gifts. We have a busy May; 4 birthdays, an anniversary and of course Mother's Day.  So come June we try to make Father's Day fun, but simple as well. I wanted to share some of our favorite Father's Day gift ideas. 


These are our favorite! My girls enjoy coming up with different things to gift their dad in a coupon.  I enjoy their creativity and it's so personal. Here are some we've made:

1. Free hour of alone time (or 3! )  

2. 1 free ice cream cone 

3. Free bottle of pop 

4. One free day of golf 

5. Help with yard work 

Treat/Gift with a fun pun:

1. Popcorn ~ You're the best Pop around (could also work for their favorite soda) 

2. Favorite Candy ~ We think you're the sweetest! 

3. Donut ~ Donut you know you're the best? 

4. Golf balls ~ You're the best dad, by par! 

5.Book ~ You're always up for an adventure 


The less perfect, the more special

1. Popsicle photo frame with photo of kids and dad inside 

  • Need: four popsicle sticks, picture to use 
  • Glue four possible sticks together 
  • Attach picture to the back using tape
2. Handprints on paper framed 

  • Paint hand or trace their hand on card-stock and cut out. 
  • Frame 
3. Handprint card: Why buy a card when you can make one?
  • Cut cardstock to desired size (I cut mine in half)
  • Fold 1/2 sheet in half 
  • Paint or trace child's hand 
  • Add Happy Father's Day 
  • Let the kids be creative on the inside and there you go! 

Hope that this gives you some ideas to help make your Father's Day more fun!