Saturday, May 14, 2022

3 ways to save on water

Let's talk water use. As summer is approaching we use water more and more.  Watering our gardens, filling up the pool and more! The last few years our area has had more drought than rain and so in the last few years, I've tried to conserve our water use more and more.  Here are three ways you can save water this summer. 

1. Use your dehumidifier 

    In the summer, while it seems there's less water outside, our dehumidifier is always running.  Originally, I watered our garden with our dehumidifier, but then I read that you shouldn't water anything you will eat with dehumidifier water.  So, now I use it to water our non-edible plants or our grass when needed. 

2. Re-use pool water 

    Of course we get out the kiddie pools in the summer.  Whenever we are done, I have the girls take the the watering cans and empty the water around the lawn.  It helps spread the water to the dryer grass + they think it's fun! So instead of just dumping the pool water in one area, we use it and water as much of the lawn as possible.

A couple years ago, look how dry that grass was!

3. Rain barrel 

    We recently purchased a rain barrel.  You can see what we got here  I'm so excited! I've been wanting one for years and finally got the hubby to come around, (he actually is the one who suggested we purchase this one recently).  We hooked it up to our back shed, which is close to where our garden will be. I can't wait to use the saved up rain water to water our garden! 


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