Thursday, February 24, 2022

Chicken Broth

Making homemade chicken broth is so easy. Plus, it's a great way to save money and make sure you know what you are using in your recipes.  If you search for recipes or how-to ways on Pinterest you are going to find a bunch of blog posts.  Don't worry I've done the work of picking a few out for you!  I wanted to share with you how easy it is and these blogs help break it down for you!

The Cross Legacy Ok first of all, have you heard of Amy Cross? She has great ways to help make your produce last up to 3 weeks or more! What a great way to help save money, not throwing out produce, right?! Plus, buying it when it's on sale and being able to stock up for a few weeks! Anyways, back to Chicken broth.  She has some great ideas of saving your turkey carcass, plus ways to save on your veggies for the broth too! 

NoshTastic What I like about this blog is, the author gives you three different ways you can make your chicken broth; crockpot, stockpot or instapot.  Plus step by step for each one!! So whatever your style of cooking is you can choose from there! And some recipes to make with your new homemade chicken broth as well. 

So next time you have some chicken carcasses left over, or if you're like me your freezer is full of celery and onion peels.  Get out that stock-pot, or crockpot or even instapot and make yourself some homemade chicken broth! 


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