Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Last Object


I love when I can combine saving money with saving the environment.  Recently, I was introduced to a product called Last Object.  

The following are my own opinions and I have not been paid for any certain opinion. 

Last object has different items that normally serve a one time use, but they made them into something that you can reuse.  Now, I haven't bought all of their products, but I bought the last round and I am really liking it.  I use it each morning and night to hydrate my face with toner.  Then once I'm done I just rinse it off and store it in its container for a later use.  The Last Rounds come with 6 rounds in each container.  So, I have about 3 days worth before I am reusing the first round all over again.  

One thing I found for me was my round wasn't drying out completely before I went to use it again.  One, it might be because I use it again in 3 days as opposed to 6.  Or, it could be it just wasn't able to dry out well where I kept it.  So I started just leaving the one I recently used on top of the container until my next use and then place it at the bottom as it had dried.  

I have really enjoyed using this as opposed to throwing away a cotton or 2 twice a day.  Which brings me to some of the benefits of using Last Rounds.  

First, I was using two cotton balls each morning and each night.  I used the basic large cotton balls.  But with LastRound, I've found I just need to use one of their reusable rounds each time.  

A second benefit to LastRounds is the price.  I know it seems like when you are wanting to buy something that lasts longer it cost a lot more than the time is worth.  Well, that's not the case for LastRound.  LastObject guarantees a life expectancy for their LastRounds of about 1,700 uses.  Let me break down that for you.  I mentioned I used 2 cotton balls each time twice a day.  That was 4 cotton balls a day, 28 a week and about 1,400 a year!  One LastRound will last the equivalent of a little over a year's supply of cotton balls!  That is a lot of cotton balls!!  The price of Walmart's basic large cotton ball bag is $1.88 for 200. I would end up buying 8 bags over the course of a year which would be around $15.00 without tax.  LastRound's cost $14.00.  And that's just the first year, remember I would have anther 300 uses after that left and maybe more!   

A third and final benefit I wanted to talk about is their impact on the environment.  Remember I said I like when I can combine saving money with helping out the planet. Well, by using LastObject products, I can help to save water from the production of all those cotton balls that I was throwing away after just one use.  Or even if I was composting them...it seems like a lot of work for a quick use.  Plus, LastObject's products are compostable, so after you've used them up for a year or so, you can compost them knowing that you used them to their max instead of just once. 

Again, I've been really impressed with this product and their company in general.  I plan to buy another pack of cotton rounds to put in my nail polish bag.  That way when my girls and I do our nails we can use the LastRounds instead of cotton balls.  Plus, then I have a set that's devoted just to nail polish.  Eventually my girls will each have their own packs for their faces as they get older.  And because LastObject kits come in different colors, we each can have our own color coded set.  



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