Monday, August 1, 2016

Home hair cuts

Hair cuts can add up.  Now, I will say I can't cut my own hair.  I did try one time, and it went ok, but not something I will try again for a while.  However, my husband has never paid for a haricut, I have cut his hair since we've been married.  This wasn't something that we did to save money in the beginning, my husband has always had his mom cut his hair so that was something his mom taught me how to do so that I could continue doing so.  However, now it is a great way to continue to save money.  Plus his hair is pretty easy to cut, its curly so it's forgiveable, but practice makes perfect so if you can whoever's hair you are going to start cutting to let you try it's worth it! 

Now that we have a couple little ones, I plan to better my skills and learn to cut/trim their hair as well.  I will say my oldest has had her haircut at a salon already, but it was the sentimental first haircut experience (and Mimi was paying, so how could I pass that up).  Although, the guy who cut her hair, his hands were shaking, so I may have to practice a little on a doll or something.  I can on; imagine how she'll do for me as she gets older.    Any tips on cutting children's hair?

For me though, I usually get my hair cut 1-2 times a year,.  I generally chop it off in the summer and then let it grow for the fall, winter and spring.  Sometimes, I get a trim in between.  I know I really should get it trimmed more, but I don't know it's just not something I want to spend money on all the time.  With that, I would like to try and trim my hair myself so that I could keep it long and only trim it.  Anyone have tips on how to trim your own hair?


  1. I cut Cleveys hair and have been the only one to cut Josie's hair and also just trimmed Savannah's. For the first, I plopped them in front of the tv in a high chair and with Josie I gave her some chocolate chips to entertain her and Savannah I had Clevey try to keep her still! It wasn't perfect but it worked! Now I only trim Josie's hair as needed but she enjoys it so she holds perfectly still cuz she thinks she is big stuff!! 😉 Good luck! If I ever wanted something more complicated for her like layers, I wouldn't try it, but just trimming is pretty easy!

  2. It saves a lot of money, no doubt. My husband is the family barber, he gives my boys their haircuts each month. I calculate the savings between the haircuts and transportation costs saves me over $500 a year. And he doesn't hack their hair like the barber did. I get caped and he trims my locks every 6-8 weeks. That saves me well over $400 a year and he always does a great job. My best friend stopped over one day when I was getting my hair trimmed and she was impressed with his handiwork. As he was uncaping me she said, I'm next. I told him he has another customer, give the lady a haircut, so he did. She was pleased with the results and asked him if he would continue to cut her hair for her as it was the best haircut she has gotten in a long time and she liked the price as well. So I always get great results and my husband is getting more practice cutting my best friends hair as well. Some people think I am crazy to let him cut my hair, but I know my hair looks good and the fact my best friend wanted him to cut hers confirms it. So she is saving hundreds a year on haircuts now as well.

  3. Here is a good DIY tutorial
    But I prefer having my husband wield the shears. Here is the method he uses. It has made my hair much fuller and far less tangles.