Monday, July 11, 2016

Treasure Hunt

Scavenger Hunts, Treasure hunts, whichever you want to call them, there's no questioning that they're fun to do! However, making them yourselves isn't always easy, especially if you want to make multiple different ones or you want them to be a little more complex than your average treasure hunt game. So when reached out wanting to team up on a post I was super excited. Here's  the one that I tried from What I think is great is that they have many different puzzles, and you can pick what your 6 clues get to be.  Keep reading for a chance to win your own free game! 

These are perfect for a rainy summer day, cabin fever winter day, summer play, birthday party, or whenever you want.

To start off with what I really liked about this site is that you can pick where I wanted the 6 clues to be. From the beginning making this game was very personable. There are many possibilities of clues and you can make custom ones, but they help you out with places you can start like your mailbox, garage, sink, carpet, couch, trampoline, floor lamp, or microwave. After you pick your 6 clues you are able to then pick the order you want them to be played. If you like the order you picked them in you can leave it or if you want to rearrange them you have the option to which is easily done by just moving the square symbols around. 

From there you continue onto the actual clues. Not only are you able to pick the order of the clues, but you are also able to pick what you want the clues to be.  There are 5 easier ones and 4 harder ones.  What's nice about this is you can gear it to what works for the kids or adults you are making the treasure hunt for.   You are able to change each clue if you want and you are able to use the same clue in one game if you'd like.

I played this game with my 3 year old. While she can't read, she still had fun! She loved guessing the clue, even if a couple times she needed a little more guidance. I was surprised to see what she did know, there were a couple she got right away! I would make sure you pick clues that you know your kiddos can do because it's that much more fun for them.  

After you pick the clues you want, its just a couple more clicks and you're done. For what you get I'd say these games are affordable. There are 3 ways to buy, $10.00 for a single game, $20.00 for the Party deal, you get 4 game credits, or $30.00 for 10 game credits. With the 2nd two options you can use the credits whenever and they don't have a expiration date.  Then from there you purchase the games you chose and you can download the game right to your computer. 

One more thing that I appreciated about this company was that when you get the download and you print your clues, they also include a sheet that has the answers, and how to hide the clues.  This was particularly helpful for me because I get a little confused easily as to which one goes where. It made it so simple to hide each clue. 

Other than a couple ways to make it work for you, this game really was fun and even my 3 year old loved it!

Here were a couple of her favorite clues:
1. Mirror; you hold up the paper in the mirror to see the clue.
2. Circle all the blue letters: I'm not sure if it's always blue or if they change the color, but my daughter loves blue so she had a blast pointing out the blue letters and even circling a few herself.
3. Letters fell down; my husband really liked this one.  It's just as it sounds you ,move the letters up to blank spaces and then solve the puzzle.

Finally, a couple things to know to prepare, which they tell you on the site:
1. Some clues need color to help you solve so you will need a color printer for your clues.
2. Some need scissors, or pens to solve, so have them on hand.
3. Allow for time, this isn't your average treasure hunt, kids are going to need a few minutes for each clue.  They say on their site it can be about 60 minutes of fun, about 10 minutes per clue, so plan accordingly.

Here's a little sneak peak of our treasure hunt. 

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