Thursday, July 28, 2016

Preschool-Stay Home Learning Part 3

My Baby Girl is growing up so fast, she's already starting to trace letters and numbers all on her own as opposed to me helping her.  A friend of mine suggested. getting a dry erase book for her to trace over and over.  Using a dry erase book is such a great idea, not only are you not using multiple pages of paper, (which can be costly and un earth friendly), but your child can keep practicing over and over again.   

So I was on the hunt for a dry erase book that I could purchase for my little girl to use this summer.  While I was visiting my family with the girls we went to a Dollar General and guess what I found.  A dry erase paper sleeve.  Now it wasn't a dry erase book, but I could put any papers in this that I want to and it was only $1.00!!

Now instead of printing pages, or drawing tracing pages over and over, I only have to make 1 and then put it in the dry erase sleeve.  Even better the sleeve works on both sides, so I can print 2 sided, saving even more paper! 

Want to make your own?  Here are a couple sites I used to print off papers to use to trace:

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