Monday, July 25, 2016

10 Things to do this Summer

10 Things to do this summer that are cost friendly.  My version of cost friendly, about $10.00 or less.  Free is always my top choice though.

1. Movie:

Let the kids pick their favorite movie, make some popcorn, turn down the lights and have a movie party.  You can even take it a step further, have them invite some friends, make homemade tickets, grab some sleeping bags and make a night of it!

2. Water play:

1, Tarp with hose ~ Grab that tarp, grab the hose and let the kiddos go!
2. Kiddie pool
3. Buckets of water and squishy water balls ~ Let them have their own water fight in the backyard.

3. Outside Scavenger Hunt

Check out this great site.  You can also check out my review here.

4. Parks

Every town or city has a park.  Try out different parks, take a day and plan a new park adventure.  You'll be amazed at how just changing up a park can be fun for the kids.

5. Picnic

Grab that picnic basket (or anything you have to hold your food), a blanket and some yummy food and go for a picnic.  You don't even need to go far, your backyard or the local park works well.

6. Bike ride

You're never too old or young for a bike ride.  My Baby Girl is just getting into riding a bike, but before that she could ride a trike just well.  We might not have been able to go far, but we could still ride as a family.

7. Start a small garden veggie or plants. 

Get your kiddos to help plant, water and maintain the plants.  They love helping and most kids love getting dirty too so it's a win win! 

8. Walk with a friend(s)

For 4 years now a friend and I have walked almost every day in the summer together.  4 years and not only is this a great thing to do in the summer, but we've really grown in our friendship because of it!   Now that we both have kids the walking is a little different; however, we have a routine to walk every morning and for 1 hour in the morning we are occupied.

9. Make homemade popsicles

You can make these however you please, here are a few different recipes that I've tried

10. Check out your local library

The library is always having something.  Check out your local library to see what's happening.  This one can also be carried through for fall/winter for any of you who stay at home.  Again there's always something happending at the library.

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