Monday, June 6, 2016

Preschool-Stay Home Learning Part 2

My daughter loves to play with trains. My husband really likes to be able to put the train tracks together so that she can play trains. (Or so he can secretly re-live his own childhood....) She's 3 and so this combination doesn't always go well. First of all, creating different tracks is great for expressing creativity, but right now Baby Girl is still learning how to make the tracks work. While picking up the train pieces one day, I mentioned that we should take a photo of it so that we can have an option to make it in the future if we're stumped for ideas, or if we just need to make a track really fast.

Then I thought, what if I printed off those pictures and laminated them on color paper.  Then I could make a little book of track ideas that Baby Girl could follow.

A few ways to go about laminating them;

1st: Cold Laminator
A woman who is close as family let me have hers that she wasn't using. The replacement paper isn't that much and it really comes in handy for different home projects.  If you can invest in one it's worth it.

2nd: Packaging Tape 
Before I owned a cold laminator, I wanted to laminate different newspaper clippings (my husband was in the paper a lot) but didn't have access nor the funds to laminate. I read somewhere about using packaging tape. It works really well, you just have to be careful and go slow. Tape one side and then flip over and repeat.

3rd: Photo Album 
Don't have either of these as an option? An old photo album works perfect, after all you can print the photos as photos and they will fit perfectly. Or you can print them black and white on your computer and cut them to fit.

Any of these options will work great!

Here are a few of our photos, along with the photo book I added them to for now. 

I decided to start mine in a photo album because it will be a little sturdier for my Baby Girl. Let's be honest, toddlers can be a little destructive. :) 

What are some ways you help your preschool toddler learn at home?  

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