Thursday, June 23, 2016

Everyday Items part 2

Here are a couple ways to save some money along with helping out the environment.  I love to try and tie both saving money with helping out the environment.  There are many ways that the two can go hand in hand.  

1. Re-usable paper towels: 

Reusable paper towels do cost a little more than paper towels, but you can use them multiple times.  The following paper towels claim to be able to be washed 100 times.  I can't vouch for these ones.  I have some reusable paper towels, but they were given to me as a gift so I'm not sure what kind they are.  However, I have used them many times, daily to be exact and I've had them since August 2015. 

Bambooee on Amazon 

2. Plastic bags for trash bags: 

I try to take re-usable bags whenever I can to the grocery store, but life happens and I forget so I still end up with a bunch of plastic bags in the basement.  Now I know I can take them back and recycle them at the store, but again life happens and I forget to grab them as I go.  So instead I store them under cabinets in the bathroom and under the kitchen sink.  Then I have them to use for the bathroom trashes, bedroom trashes. or any other trash can around the house that is small.  That way I'm not buying small pastic trash bags, but rather using bags that I get for free and all the while recycling. 

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