Saturday, May 28, 2016

Line Dry Savings

Spring is here and I love this time of year!  I really like to hang dry as much of our laundry as possible, and when it gets nice out I look forward to being able to hang the laundry up outside.  This really saves money, each time you don't use the dryer, you're not using energy, therefore you're not spending money.

After doing some research on Google, I found that the average dryer cost about 36 cents/load.  So after 3 loads you've already saved a dollar.  Remember its the little things that add up.

Now I know some people don't like to hang dry because clothes and towels get stiff, but I have to say when it comes to clothes it's all in the material.  I have some clothes that get stiff, but a lot that don't.  When it comes to towels, it only takes one use after being dried and the towel isn't as stiff.  

If you don't line dry or you're not sure because of your clothes getting stiff, try it with a few things to start.  Bedding, and t-shirts are great things to hang dry and they don't get stiff at all. Just remember every little bit helps and so if you start line dryer just a couple loads a week that's a couple loads a week you aren't using the dryer. 

Now, I don't line dry everything, underwear for example always gets dried in the dryer, (hopefully that was a given!) along with the cloth diaper inserts and wipes. So on the days I wash diapers, I turn around and wash underwear, then I can dry 2 loads in one.  

Finally, I also line dry in the fall and winter.  I purchased a couple drying racks and do 1 load a day.  I'm actually planning on buying a 3rd dry rack. Right now when I hang dry our clothes, I have 1 rack for the guy's and mine and 1 rack for the girls'; however, the girl's are starting to need their own. This saves a lot of time when sorting laundry to put away.  Each rack gets unloaded into their own laundry basket to take to the designated room.  

Sorry that was a little tangent, but in the end, line dry when you can it really does help, both your wallet and the environment! 

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  1. Funny! The ony thing I line dry is my cloth diapers and inserts! ☺️ Good for you to line dry!!

  2. Heidi, hey at least that's something! :)