Thursday, May 5, 2016


My girls love to play dress-up!  Dress up though can get expensive; things like princess dresses, crowns, heels and more add up.

While, growing up even though I was more of a tom boy, I still loved to play dress up.  Now my mom didn't buy us fancy princess dresses or crowns to play dress-up in, but that was ok, because you know what our favorite person to dress-up was?  Mommy!  My sister and I loved to pretend we were mom! We'd stuff our shirts (yep, we did) and pretend to feed our babies.  We didn't need purchased princess dresses or any fancy dress-up accessories, we were happy dressing up in Mom's old clothes she wore, and putting on her old jewerly.

And you know what, out of all the dress up stuff we have, our girls love the things that use to be mine.  Now we do have some princess dress-up clothes that she got for Christmas and her birthday, but we didn't break the bank buying a bunch of dress up accessories.  Some of their favorite things to play with; my old necklaces, headbands, bracelets, shoes and these are just a few.


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