Thursday, May 19, 2016


Every little girl loves dolls, well at least every little girl I've met at some point has liked dolls. I think little girls love dolls because they want to be Mommies for the doll, mimicking their own mom. However; doll clothes, diapers, accessories all add up and there's ALWAYS something new to buy for the doll.

My girls love playing with their dolls. When my oldest was a little younger, her favorite places to put her doll was wherever Mommy would put her little sister; the bassinet, the play mat, the bouncy. Of course we had strollers and other doll accessories just for her that family bought, but her favorite things were the real deal. And you know what, as long as baby sister wasn't using them I didn't care.

Now, both girls play with old sleepers, bottles, pacifiers and other baby items that use to be theirs. Now these things are perfect for playing with their dolls.  Best part is I already have them so I'm not having to go out and buy new things for the dolls. just the other day we were going to go for a walk and I put the baby's jacket on her. Well of course, baby doll then needed a jacket too, but that isn't a doll item we own. So what did I do? I went and found an old infant jacket for the baby doll to use. 

Side note: Dolls are a little creepy to take photos of.  

I also made some cloth wipes for my daughter's doll.  She wanted to change her dolls diaper just like mom and using real wipes was wasteful, so I thought I'd make some reusable ones for her.  I had some extra fabric and just cut pieces up, honestly I didn't even sew these.  Then I grabbed an old empty cleansing cloths container which is the perfect size, a mini wipe container. 

Tip: disposable diaper tabs rework.  My girls used a couple of disposable diapers for a while on their dolls, (before I switched them to the unused cloth) and was able to diaper their babies over and over without the tabs ripping.  

How do you save on toy accessories in your house? 

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