Monday, May 2, 2016

Christmas Again?

First of all, I want to say I don't believe Christmas is all about the gifts.  I truly believe that Christmas is about Jesus our Savior and how he came to save us.  With that, I happened upon this little trick one day and thought maybe it could be a way for families to save on gifts each year.  Whether that be for birthdays, Christmas or some other holiday you give gifts for.

So the other day, I was going through my daughter's closet.  She wanted to play with her doll pack and play that I had stored in a tote and as I'm pulling out the pack and play we find a few toys we forgot about.

Baby girl got quite a bit for Christmas from different family members and with me doing daycare, I put a few of them away to pull out for a rainy day, you know those days where with all the toys they're still bored?  Well, that day really never came, but we stumbled upon them by accident, (because I totally forgot about them), but it ended up being perfect.  It really was like Christmas again!

It made me think how I could make this work to my advantage.  The aftermath of Christmas can be a little over-whelming.  Don't get me wrong, we are so blessed to have families and friends that give gifts to our girls.  I know that there are families out there that don't have this luxery and toys, gifts, clothes can be expensive.  But, I stumbled across a way to help make that blessing last throughout the year for my girls.  With that, I realized this is such a great way to make what you have go a litle farther.  I'm not saying this will be something I do every year, but I like having the option.  

Another way you can make your toys go farther is rotate them.  My friend, Kelsey rotates her toys, and has some great tips on how to do so on her blog

How are some ways you make toys for your kids last longer?