Thursday, April 21, 2016

Party supplies

It's that time of year again, the time for birthdays.  We have multiple birthdays that are clustered together.  I love when I can go down to my basement and grab some plates, napkins, cups and decor instead of having to go out and buy everything.

This is something that my mother-in-love has in her attic and I was so inspired by it. One thing I hate throwing away or wasting is all the fun leftover paper plates and napkins from parties. My mother-in-love has planned all kinds of parties, from birthdays to baby and wedding showers. She got organized and saved the leftover party supplies, color coding them in clear containers.

This is genius. Now whenever I have leftover paper plates and party supplies, I add them to their designated color storage tote. This way I have some for the next year's party, whether its birthday, or throwing a shower for someone. Along with having the decor, plates, napkins and more, you can also have gift bags and tissue paper ready as well, check out my other post here, about the how-to.

Another great idea, stock up on seasonal items right after the holiday, all the extra supplies for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter etc.  Decor, plates, napkins and more can go as low as 75% off after the holiday is over.  Then you can just add them to their designated tote and have them for the next year without spending the full price!

The hardest part about this is finding a spot for all the totes, so do what works best for you.  We have a cold room that we can use for storage, and that's where I keep all my totes.  I limit it to 1 tote per color, reds and pinks together.

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