Monday, April 25, 2016


A couple weeks back our town library had their annual book sale, which they host during National Library week every year. This is such a great way to buy books without spending much. I was able to get all of the books below for only $2.20!!  

Most libraries host a book sale at least once a year. It's a great way for them to rotate out books, and for people to buy books for fairly cheap.  

Now, they aren't the newest books, they're typically the ones that have been in the library for some time. But, the library has the new books as well for you to check out. And guess what, you can check out the books for free!  

The Library has 100's of free books! Which is something I think a lot of us take for granted. Seriously, next time you see a book you really want, check to see if your local library has it first. It will save you money and trying to find a spot for that new book in your home. Plus if they don't have the book, libraries have this awesome thing called inter-library loan. They can check the book out for you through another library (depending on where you live there may be a postage fee for this).  

Libraries also have movies, TV Shows & some even have games, that again you can check out for free!

Not to mention libraries are always having some program or activity going on, that again, you guessed it, is free! Talk about some great family fun for and I can't stress this enough, free! 

So next time you're wanting a new book, TV show, movie or even game check out your library first. They may be able to save you that $20-$40 you were going to spend.   


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