Saturday, March 5, 2016


Although they can be the best part of a salad, the cost of croutons can add up. Plus, they really aren't that good for you. But homemade ones cost less and can be a lot healthier. My friend Lisa told me about how she makes her own. She takes the ends of bread loaves and freezes them until she needs them. Not only is she saving money by making her own croutons, but she is using parts of the bread that doesn't usually get eaten.

Also, if your kiddo doesn't like the crust on their bread, (which all kids don't at one point it seems like) you can save the crust that you cut off, freeze it and then use that to make croutons as well.  While most of the times I eat the crust, sometimes    I just don't want to, so I might as well save it for something else right? 

Here's the recipe:

1. Cut pieces to desired size
2. Melt some butter and add a little Italian seasoning 
3. Mix in bowl 
4. Spread out on a cookie sheet & bake @ 350 for about 15 minutes, stirring every 5 min or so.  

I changed it a little and used coconut oil instead of butter. One time I didn't have either on hand (crazy I know), but I used vegetable oil and it worked just fine too. The best part is you can experiment with what works for you!  You can even try different seasonings!  


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