Saturday, February 6, 2016

Baby Food update

I just had to do an update on the homemade baby food.  Peanut still strongly detests peas, even when I mix it with any fruit.  It just baffles me, because Baby Girl loved peas.  I guess we had it pretty easy with her.  Maybe she was an odd ball.  Anyone else's little ones like peas or was Baby Girl on her own?  

Anyways, I ended up running out of carrots one day and forgot to make more, so Peanut had to have peas that day.  For lunch it didn't go too bad, I'm pretty sure  the combination ended up being 1 part peas & 2 parts applesauce, but I got her to eat them.  Dinner she actually ate them without problem, I was surprised and thought maybe she's starting to like them.  So since that night was crazy busy I decided she could go one more day with peas, boy was I wrong.  The next day she refused to eat any of the baby food.  That night I made her more carrots, I felt like such a great mom making more carrots for her because that's what she likes.  Oh babies, that's all I can say.  The next day I got her carrots all ready for her, feeling so proud of myself.  Would she eat the carrots? Nope, not only does she shake her head and clench her mouth, the one time I get a little on her tongue she justs sits there holding her mouth open with her tonuge out, refusing to swallow.  Such a stinker!!  She use to LOVE carrots!  I had to mix her carrots with applesauce as well, then she ate it no problem.  So I guess at least she ate them compared to the peas.  Oh the fun of having a baby!

So any tips out there to get your little one to eat their veggie baby food?  Do you have any baby food that your little ones prefer?  I'd love more recipe ideas for fruit, I'm not the greatest with fruit baby food other than applesauce. 

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