Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Freezer Chicken Storage

So a couple months ago I had mentioned that I was going to try chicken storage similar to my meat storage.  You can read about the meat storage, here .  I've tried it for the last couple of months and so far it seems to work pretty well.  

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3 things you will need: 
1. Chicken halves
2. Pyrex containers, the long ones, something like this

  3. Wax paper (Again you can use free wax paper from cereal boxes, Wax Paper ) 

You can decide how big of a rectangular or square container you want. 

What to do: 

After I did this one time I had a few things to work out.  First, make sure that you wrap each chicken slice entirely, any part that isn't wrapped will freeze to the glass container.  Believe me, not a fun thing to try to get apart.  

My tip would be to line the glass pan with wax paper and then wrap the chicken invidiually after that.


 Place the wrapped chicken halves in the wax paper lined glass dish.  Then, I cut off the extra wax paper around the edge.  I don't cut the paper to fit the glass,because I want the sides covered too.  Remember, any glass exposed will freeze to the chicken. 

 I get as many halves as I can in one container.  With them each being wrapped individually then I can grab one or two as I need them. 

The pyrex container I use is a 2.2 quart.  I can get 6 chicken halves in it.  I use Harvestland chicken, they are thinner than other chicken halves.  The 1st time I did this I was able to get 4 chicken halves in, so it really depends on how thick your chicken halves are. 




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