Monday, October 26, 2015

More water savings

Another water saving tip.  I was thinking about this one day while washing dishes, just like you can save water and money by turning off the tap when shampooing and conditioning, you can save while washing dishes too.  I've always tried not to run the tap while washing dishes, just because when I'm not rinsing a dish it seemed wasteful, but now I really try to watch how much water I use.  So here is my washing dishes tip: 

I first plug the sink, and put in some soap, then I do let the water run for a little bit to fill up the sink about 1/4 of the way; however, while it's running I wash my silverware, so I'm at least using the running water as well as filling up my sink.  Plus I once read something from Martha Stewert, that you should always wash your silverware first.  Anyways, after my sink is 1/4 full I turn off the tap.  Then I add a few dishes at a time to the sink and wash them all in the sink.  Once I've washed them then I turn on the tap just a little and rinse the dishes off.  I wash a little and rinse together to make sure they're clean.  Then after the ones in the sink are done, I turn off the tap and put some more dishes in the sink and repeat.  

So instead of filling up the sink all the way, and having the water just run when I don't need it to, I only turn it on when needed and I turn it on low, but high enough to rinse.

Now I will say, I try to wash as I go during the day, rather than have a ton to do all at once.  Plus, I can't say I wash my dishes this way all the time.  I'm human and there are many times I end up just letting the water run becuase it's faster.  Or my 2 year old wants to help & well, we end up using more water, but that's quality time so it's worth it.    

One last thing, if I have any recycle items that need rinsed out, I save those for last and use the water that's left in the sink.  They're going to get cleaned and melted anyways so no use in using new water from the facuet for them. 

I also know of a couple who's sink is pretty large and so they just put a smaller plastic bucket inside the sink and use that to wash their dishes in.  That way they don't have to fill the sink with more water than needed. 

How do you save water by washing your dishes, please share I'd love to know.  Remember it may not seem like a lot, but every little bit of savings adds up. 

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Turn off the Tap

So one day, I was reading the back of my shampoo bottle, because I read anything that's around me and so what else am I going to read while shampooing my hair.   Anyways, according to Suave, the average family can save 100 dollars, and 3,200 gallons of water a year if you turn off the tap while shampooing and conditioning.  

I mean WHAT? 

I honestly never thought about how much water and money LITERALLY goes down the drain when you are shampooing and conditioning.  So I decided I was going to try it.  Can't say that I will be able to keep it up in the winter time, too cold for me to turn the water off, but I can at least start.  

So next time you're shampooing or conditioning, try and see if you can turn off the tap to save some money and even water!  

What are some ways you save on water? Please share! 

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Laundry Detergent: Step by Step

Because of some interest here is a step by step guide to making your own laundry detergent.  I also included my calculations for what the initial cost should be and the cost for each item: 

Fels Naptha $0.97  
Borox 76oz  $3.97
Arm & Hammer Washing Soda 55oz $3.97

Total Initial Cost: $8.91 + tax 

First: Grate the bar of soap: 

This seriously took me like 20min, and I watched my favorite Gilmore Girls show as I grated it too. Now if you don't have a lot time, just grate 1/2 the bar and then 1/2 the rest of the recipe.  Side note, it makes your hands & the room you're sitting in smell Amazing! 

2nd: Add 2 Cups of Borax 

3rd: Add 2 Cups of Washing Soda 

Now I forgot I needed 2 cups, so had already added the 1st cup, that's why only 1 cup is filled. 

Mix all the ingrediants together 

Store in container.  I store mine in a glass Anchor jar from Target.  

2 Tbsp for each load.

My uncle has got his down to 0.06 cents a load! 

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Laundry Detergent

One way that you can save a little is to make your own laundry detergent. There are many recipes for homemade detergent out there, but here is one that my uncle gave me and I love!

It makes your laundry really soft, even my cloth diapers! 

Uncle Bob's Laundry Detergent: 
1 bar of Fels Naptha soap
2 C Washing soda
2 C Borax 

Grate soap add to rest 

To use: 2 Tbsp per load 

My uncle says after the inital cost, he has gotten a load down to 6 cents!!