Thursday, September 10, 2015

Freezer Meat

Now, I like to tie saving money and helping the environment too.  I like to buy my ground beef in bulk because it's cheaper and divide it how I will need it and freeze it.  However, that is a lot of plastic bags that I'm throwing away, not to mention after a while those bags add up in price.  While some bags I re-use, I don't re-use any bag that has had raw meat in it  So, I have invested in some more Pyrex round containers, again using my cereal wax paper, I wrap my meat up in 1/2 pound or pound sections.  Then I place the wrapped beef in the Pyrex bowls.  The wax paper is less waste than the Ziploc bags, not to mention it's free (again using the cereal bags).  

Check out the how to, here: Cereal Bag Wax Paper

I plan to try this with my chicken too, but for it I will have to use the longer Pyrex containers.  Will be posting soon about how that works.  

I also buy my meat in bulk.  The local grocery store sells it in 10 lbs, and so I buy it and divide it up as I need it.  

Notice the cereal wax paper? :)  One side of one bag is the perfect size to use. 

I flatten out the meat using the paper into a circle that will fit the bowl I'm using.  It's much like making hamburger patties, I still have a hard time getting them perfect :) 

Then I wrap the meat with the paper, trying to get all air out. 

And place in my Pyrex bowl. 

I can get two 1/2 lbs in a 4 cup container, and I can get two 1 lb chunks in a 7 cup container. 

I hope you enjoyed!


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