Thursday, September 24, 2015

Christmas Creations

Christmas Creations is something that my mother-in-love and family came up with.  It is such a great way to save money on Christmas presents!  My family does what we call Christmas Creations every year in October.  We all come with 1 or 2 ideas of crafts to do.  We've done many things from body scrubs to the book pumpkins I showed in My Passion  post.  

 All crafts that we have done are easy, and afordable.  They are the perfect gifts for Christmas.  So what does this mean?  If you're like me, you have family and friends that you like to give gifts to but let's be honest they add up.  Gather some friends or family members and create your own Christmas Creations group.  Share ideas, create together and just have fun making things for the people who are important in your lives, without feeling like your breaking the bank.  

Here are a few of our favorite Christmas Creation crafts to get your group started. 

Lemon sugar scrub from Just Another Day in Paradise
She does great at giving step by step instructions. 

Homemade Lotion The Boho Mama
This isn't the recipe that we used, but it's pretty close.  It seems pretty easy to make & there are options to differ it as you want.  

Paper Beads from Mad Mim
This blog is great!  They are really easy to make, you don't really need to measure, any small triangle strips will work.  But, if you want to make them nice this blog is great at helping explain the steps.

What are some homemade gifts you make?  Please share below,  I'd love to add to our family collection! 


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