Thursday, August 27, 2015

Not just for "Stay @ Home parents"

So I wanted to write a note to my readers and explain, that I am choosing to stay at home and wanted to share ideas of how to save money.  However, while this blog is called "savings to stay home", the ideas can be used by anyone.  Anything that I post are ways that you can save for any reason.  Wanting to pay off your house? Try a few of these tricks.  Trying to save for college?  Try a few of these tricks.  Just wanting to save some money for any reason?  Try a few of these tricks!!

I hope that this blog can be helpful to many!  There are many things that my mother-in-love has taught me, and many things that I've picked up from friends and books, and I just wanted to share for other people who want to save a little.  Amy the writer of The Tightwad Gazette, mentions that there are only a few Big things that you can do, but there are many, many, MANY, little things you can do that add up!  So read, take, use these ideas for whatever savings you want to do whether that's to stay at home or save for a vacation, or both! 



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