Thursday, August 27, 2015

Wax Paper re-vamped

So my last post was about how to re-use the bag from cereal boxes as wax paper.  Missed that post, you can check it out here.  I had posted it and then mentioned that I have a better way to take the bag apart, thanks to my mother-in-love. 

So here is how you can do it.  In the middle of the bag you can see where the bag is connected.  All you have to do is carefully pull apart the two pieces.  

You keep pulling until you get to the bottom, and then carefully pull it apart on both sides. 

So much simpler!! 

Not just for "Stay @ Home parents"

So I wanted to write a note to my readers and explain, that I am choosing to stay at home and wanted to share ideas of how to save money.  However, while this blog is called "savings to stay home", the ideas can be used by anyone.  Anything that I post are ways that you can save for any reason.  Wanting to pay off your house? Try a few of these tricks.  Trying to save for college?  Try a few of these tricks.  Just wanting to save some money for any reason?  Try a few of these tricks!!

I hope that this blog can be helpful to many!  There are many things that my mother-in-love has taught me, and many things that I've picked up from friends and books, and I just wanted to share for other people who want to save a little.  Amy the writer of The Tightwad Gazette, mentions that there are only a few Big things that you can do, but there are many, many, MANY, little things you can do that add up!  So read, take, use these ideas for whatever savings you want to do whether that's to stay at home or save for a vacation, or both! 


Friday, August 14, 2015

Wax Paper

Now, I'm not sure where this originally came from other than my mother-in-love told me.  However, if she told me about it, more than likely it came from The Tightwad Gazette because that was and is her saving money book.  It too has become my savings book as well.  
But back to the savings, did you know that wax paper is the same thing that your cereal comes in inside the box?  Well don't worry if you didn't because I didn't either.  Now, I don't buy wax paper anymore!   
This is what you do, after you finish your cereal, or after you have poured it into your cereal container, remove the bag from the box.

 Cut down along the long side, and then cut the bottom as well.  That way you can open the bag as one big sheet.

 Wipe the sheet down with a damp cloth.

Cut the piece in half, it fits better on the roll. 

   Let dry and then just roll-up using your old wax paper holder.

Considering most of the time I was throwing that away, I see this as a free way to have wax paper! I hope that this is something you can apply, it's quick, simple and cost saving!

So I wrote this blog and then one day my mother-in-love was over and I realized she does it differently.  Where the paper has been put together, you can carefully tear it apart, no cutting necessary. I plan to re-post on my next blog posting how to do so.  Stay tuned!