Thursday, July 30, 2015

Organization in General

A couple weeks ago, I shared my toy organizing system that I borrowed from a friend.  That sparked this post about organization in general.  I mentioned in my last post that there are many things you can use around your house to organize with.  Well, a couple things that I use are cans and glass jars.

We eat a lot of pasta sauce along with jelly, so we have a lot of glass jars.  And I don't want to throw them away, because honestly that's not very green, but can't really recycle, so I have always saved them to up-cycle in some way.

So I keep them in a crate in the basement and use them for different things around the house.  One in particular, I've had ever since I moved in with my husband is my cotton ball holder.  It was an old pasta sauce jar, and I simply painted the lid to match the bathroom decor.

You can tell I've had it for a few years, I need to update the paint. 

Another thing you can use is cans.  This is a tin can, that I wrapped with a bag we got from our honeymoon.  I keep my hair ties & bobby pins in it. 

You can even take them a couple steps further and add a cute little knob on top, and a candle stick at the bottom.  Here are a couple that my mother-in-love made.  You simply apoxy the jar to the candlestick and there you have a darling little stand.  Perfect for wedding decor, or around the house.


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