Sunday, July 12, 2015

I CAN do this!

The Stay at Home Choice...that's right, I decided to take a leap and stay at home.  After many months of wanting to be a stay at home mom with my little one, my husband and I started talking and crunching numbers.  Realistically it didn't seem like it was going to be a possibility, see we live on my salary and save my husband's.  Plus we were expecting our 2nd at the time of deciding, and that will add to the grocery bill, clothing bill and so on.  
While, I really wanted to, it just seemed like it wasn't going to happen.  However, my husband and I started to look closer at ways we could make it work.  The first thing we did was start writing down everything we bought no matter what it was, even things that are auto with-drawn such as life insurance, or the house payment.  We did this for about 2 months.  Again, it made us see even more how it was not going to work.  
Now, you're probably saying, why is she telling me this?  I thought this blog was to show how she has made it work to stay at home, and yes you're right.  I also want to be honest with you and show you how there were many times that it seemed like I couldn't stay at home.  But guess what! I am!
After a couple months of recording how our money was being spent, we went home for Thanksgiving break.  My amazing mother-in-law, gave me the best book for trying to save money.  The Tightwad Gazette, by Amy Dacyczyn.  Now, the 1st and 2nd editions are from the early 90's, so there are a few things that are different than when the book came out, but there are many things that are still usable.  This book is like the saving money bible for anyone who wants to stay at home.  While I was still working I was able to put a few things to use to start saving earl on.
So if you stayed with me to the end, I plan to share how staying at home on one income is working for me, and how you to can do it if you just put some time and creativity into planning.
I feel that there are many other moms & even dads who would like to stay at home, but don't see how it could be possible.  Feel free to follow my blog on the ups and downs of staying at home on one income and saving while I do.        


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