Thursday, February 15, 2018

Homemade Curtains

Now, I have to start off by saying, I'm not a sewer.  My sister got that talent in the family and she is awesome at it! I however, can do a few home projects.  But, with that there are things that anyone can do even if you aren't an awesome sewer, you just need some basics.

Sewing Machine
Project :)

Something that I can sew and save a little money on, are curtains.  Curtains are pretty forgiveable when it comes to sewing.

I started by making some for our basement.  I wanted to make it a little nicer there, but didn't care too much if they didn't turn out well.  This was the perfect place for me to practice.

So far, I've made curtains for all the windows in our basement.  Plus, I've started making a curtain like door for the pantry.  It's one of the rooms we keep the cat litter in so the curtain will help block the smell.  Each new curtain I make, I improve my sewing skills a little more.

Sewing your own items, whether it be clothes, or curtains any little bit is helpful.

I'll post my simple step process in a few posts, my sewing machine is down for bit, but stay tuned for my how-to.  

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Budget Friendly Holidays

Hey friends! I hope you all had a great Christmas! :) 

If you're like me, now that the holidays are over you're thinking of next year.  Sometimes all those ideas that you see during the holidays can get lost in the shuffle, because well let's face it, you're busy. Now that we are into the new year and are at a lull of the holiday season for a bit, now's the time to be planning on how to save for next year. Especially since you probably just put all your Christmas decorations away and still know what you have! 
Planning ahead is a great way to save money. Holidays can be expensive so I brought Stephanie on board to share some ways to save while still celebrating the spirit of Christmas. 

Decorate Your Home For Holidays In A Budget Friendly Way

We believe that we spoiled you already with generously sharing all the tips and tricks on how to make the best out of holidays while still staying on the budget. Well, guess what? We will continue to do so.

And how can we not want to do this when Christmas is just around the corner. How to make sure that your little ones will experience a true magic of Christmas without having to spend so much money on fancy things?

Since you already made Halloween super interesting without having to delve into your pockets too deep, we strongly believe that you’ll make your own Santa come down the chimney by simply following some of these tips.

Make a Run for the Thrift Shop
Holidays are beautiful but they are around only once a year and it’s good reason for you not to spend too much on brand new decorations for your Christmas tree every time. Instead of exclusive shopping in big malls and shopping centers for decorations, visiting thrift shops and hitting garage sales if any in your vicinity may work well for your budget. Also, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will get the products of lesser quality.

With a little bit of imagination and creativity, you can even go for various DIY sets and try making your own decorations instead of buying new ones. Apart from the fact that this will be good for your wallet, it may even bring the family together and supplement to the overall Christmas spirit in the house.

At the end of it all, holidays are about getting together with your family, isn’t it?

Spice Up And/Or Sweeten the Christmas
Once again, Halloween is no longer here so you won’t have to worry about the treats. However, having all kinds of sweets around your house will certainly supplement the festive atmosphere in the house.

Better yet, you should put your culinary skills to the test and try making some homemade delicious Christmas treats. Serve them around the house so every visitor can get a good snack when they decide to visit your lovely home.


Arrange For Your Own Santa
Keeping the Christmas tradition and arranging for a visit from a Santa is almost imperative for every family blessed to have kids around the house. While Santa’s can be quite busy (and costly) during the busiest time of the year, you may want to shop for a Santa outfit and arrange for some of the family’s friends or relatives to fill in Santa’s shoes.

It might sound a bit funny but it can actually work quite well as someone who knows you and your little ones can roleplay much better than someone from the outside. Also, you’ll have all the time you need to work on the Santa’s visit and the entire scenario.

Last but not the least, it will cost less. You may need to return the favor (maybe return the visit dressed up as Santa), but it’s all part of the process. Most important thing is to make holidays unforgettable to your family and to have a good and pleasant time.

Can't wait to hear all about the new Christmas ideas you try! 

Thursday, January 11, 2018


Want to expand your wardrobe without spending any money?  Adjust your clothes yourself.

Old, worn, stretched out long sleeve shirts are perfect to cut up the middle and make cardigans.  When they're cut, they don't have to fit as a shirt does, but rather they can be loose.  Once they're cut up the middle you can easily push the sleeves up and let the front just drape. This can also work with short sleeves as well.  What I really like about this is you're not out anything if you don't like it, it was a shirt that you didn't like anyway.

Here a photo of one my mother-in-love did for me.  This is one of my new favorite cardigan/jackets. Can you believe it used to be a shirt?

Another bonus, no need to sew a hem either.  If you want you can, but its not necessary.

Some other options to make clothes last longer:

1. Turn those old pants into capris & then later into shorts.
2. Cut the neckline off a shirt that you don't like and make as an over shoulder style.  Or don't cut as much and just have a little wider neckline.

How are some ways you stretch your clothes to last longer or use a different way?  
I'd love to hear! 

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Homemade Gifts

One of our favorite gifts to give to family and friends during the Christmas season are homemade hot coco jars.  It's super easy for the girls to make so it can be a present from them.  I love having them learn to give gifts early on and this is something that can be truly from them, since they can help make it.  Plus it's affordable.

I've shared this link before, but Eating on a Dime  has a great recipe.

This recipe will fill about 3/4 of a jar so 1 recipe = 1 jar gift.

We made 9 jars this year for our family and friends and spent about $20.00. Even with decorating the jars to make them more festive it didn't cost that much to do.

Here was our breakdown:

Jars - free (I just use old spaghetti jars, pasta jars, pickle jars, etc.) You can see my post for that here.
Dry Milk ~ $6.98 ~ I got about 9 jars out of one bag + I've made it a few times for ourselves. 
Coco Powder ~ $1.98 x 3 = $5.94 ~ You can get about 3 jars out of one container
4lb Sugar* ~ $1.78 x 2 = $3.56 ~ You can get about 7 jars out of one 4lb bag
Mini-marshmellows* ~ $0.99 x 2 = $1.98 ~ You can get about 8 jars out of one bag
Bows ~ $2.50/32 = (You could buy these the day after Christmas and save for next year too) ~ This set had green, red, white, blue & purple bows.  I opted to not use the blue and purple, which left me with 29 bows instead. So I could get 29 jars done, or use for my 9 jars and have bows for presents too.
Tags - free (I just download printable tags and let the girls color them) ~ This is optional, but it gives the kids something else to help make.  If you do have your kiddos make tags, depending on how many you do I'd divide up the tags amongst different days.  My girls got bored coloring after a few tags, so I'd just save the others for another day.  It's no fun if you're making them color :)
Construction paper ~ I usually buy a big pack at the beginning of the school year when school supplies are on sale. 

*bought when on sale and stocked up

Some of the items are things you can save again to re-use for the next year; such as the bows or construction paper. You can even freeze the marshmallows to use again, if you have enough will power. Mine always get eaten before the end of December.  

Well I hope this helps you out this season.  I know Christmas is already on Monday, but if you need a last minute fast gift, these are perfect!  Otherwise just pin this post and save for next year!